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The Experience Center

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Southtown Audio Video, located in Hamburg, NY, works on audio video solutions for both home and commercial use. In the areas that people work, live and play, Southtown Audio Video designs projects ranging from conference rooms and training spaces to audio, shade and lighting control throughout your home or office.

Southtown Audio Video took a leap. They were looking to create a space that did not exist currently within their industry. No one has created a space for both commercial and residential audio video solutions that demonstrates, hands-on how their products work. Their goal isn’t to tell you why one TV is better than another. Rather, this ‘Experience Center’ will demonstrate to you how everything is interconnected using technology.

The Experience Center

MidCity Office Furniture came in and was able to help Southtown Audio Video turn their ‘Experience Center’ dream into a reality. “Never ever did we have a conversation about a chair. Never ever did we have a conversation about a table. We talked about it from beginning to end as a solution,” said Heather Sidorowicz, president, and owner of Southtown Audio Video.

Prior to working with MidCity, Sidorowicz had approached another furniture company and said they [Southtown Audio Video] were interested in partnering. However, this other furniture company was no interested in creating a partnership. They just wanted to sell furniture. “With MidCity, it became more than a partnership. I would say it became a friendship,” said Sidorowicz. Developing a lasting partnership was a crucial step in the design process for both MidCity Office Furniture and Southtown Audio Video.

When working on designing this experience space, MidCity was able to provide Allsteel Lyric Side Mesh Chairs and Task Chairs, Aware Training Tables, Retreat Wingback Lounge Chairs and the Belong Coffee Table. In addition to this Allsteel lineup. MidCity Office also installed a JSI Indie Lounge Collection and the Logiflex Manhattan Private Office.

According to Sidorowicz, “MidCity at the end of the day isn’t about office products. They’re about people.” When you get to know someone as a person and understand what they desire in their space, it becomes much easier to provide the best solution possible. MidCity is proud of their partnership that has been developed with Southtown Audio Video.


Check out the photos before so see how this space was brought to life!

Client: Southtown Audio Video Installed: October 2018 Products: Allsteel , Logiflex MidCity Team: Kurt Amico Photography: Nickel City Graphics LLC Concept: Sara Evans Contact us today at 716.832.0138 for a catalog or to speak with a representative!
Southtown Audio Video Experience Center
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