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Do sad desks lead to sad employees? - The Buffalo News

December 2nd, 2014
Do sad desks lead to sad employees? - The Buffalo News

The Buffalo News ran this interesting story today. What do you think, do sad offices make you sad?

"“It will undermine your feeling of self-worth,” said Alan Hedge, a Cornell University professor whose teachings and research focus on the effect of workplace ergonomics on the health, comfort and productivity of workers.

“The sad thing about it is that people are putting up with these stupid designs.”
Several academic studies tie physical office space to increased productivity for the two-thirds of the nation’s workforce identified as office workers.

“People want to have an inviting, comfortable, warm environment where they can kind of just forget about comfort and focus on what they’re doing,” said Blake McGowan, managing consultant for Humantech, an ergonomics firm based in Ann Arbor, Mich."

Moore, Daniel. "Do sad desks lead to sad employees?" Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2 Dec. 2014: E6. The Buffalo News Web. 2 Dec. 2014.

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