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CEL Entrepreneur of the Month

December 30th, 2018
CEL Entrepreneur of the Month

Congratulations to our President, Kurt Amico, on being named "Entrepreneur of the Month" by the University at Buffalo Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. Read his interview below.

-December 2018 Kurt Amico, CEL Core Grad 2005

1. What are the top 3 skills you believe are needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

 Patience (success is not usually overnight)

 Persistence (if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again)

 Scared to death of failure (must keep improving to win)

2. What is one of your favorite books that inspired you the most? Who Moved My Cheese?... I lived through the changes to my industry that were very “cheese moving”….some in my industry refused to change and did not make it. My company almost didn’t make it until we found the cheese moving, chased it, and even got ahead of it sometimes.

3. How has being an entrepreneur affected your family life? At first, I spent too much time at work but eventually my family helped me find balance…and sleep became optional (lol).

4. What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur? ACTION… I became a salesperson and that lifestyle of winning and failing and winning from losses led me to that place where the adrenaline rush is wonderful. That rush that when you do the right things in your business are similar but even greater than just a winning sale…..the highs and the lows….successes and learning from failures. It’s not just the personal action now, it’s watching and helping others on our team win.

5. How did you get started in your business? My wife and I started in sales at Midcity and saw an opportunity to improve and grow it, so we took that chance and we’re working it 13 years later.

6. What is your favorite quote? Everyone knows my favorite quote is, “Midcity….for a better day at the office.”

7. What is one thing people wouldn’t know about you? I’m a dog person, but cats really dig me, always have 8. What was the best advice/wisdom you were ever given? Givers Gain. Do the right thing and it usually comes back to you through good work directly, reputation indirectly, or serendipity… I didn’t stick with that organization though (a little cultish).

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